The death of the Great British pub – Health lobby.

One of the biggest threats to pubs today is, simply, lack of custom. People are cutting how much they drink, even stopping drinking all together, and it’s hurting pubs. 

It has become almost a trend today, people swapping the beer for healthy juices, frequenting their local running routes instead of their local pubs. The 21st Century health lobby is the latest threat to the beer industry.

It’s hard not to come across some form of alcohol health warning these days, whether it be a TV advert, radio campaign, or the back of a bottle of wine, we are being made more aware of our units.

Dr Fiona Sim, Drinkaware chief medical advisor said: “January can be a difficult time of year for many people and families up and down the country when day to day concerns about finances and debt come sharply into focus.  Many people turn to drink when they are already feeling depressed or nervous, and then drink at levels which are harmful to both their physical and mental health.

“We encourage people who choose to take a break from alcohol to use this time as an opportunity to change their behaviour and, where necessary, moderate their drinking over the longer term. However, it’s also important not to assume that cutting back or having a break from alcohol for a short while means it’s OK to drink to excess the rest of the year. In the long term, the best evidence for avoiding alcohol-related harm comes from sticking within the latest recommended lower risk guidelines of 14 units of alcohol a week for both men and women, with at least one alcohol free day each week. If you do wish to cut back or stop drinking use Drinkaware’s free mobile app to track your alcohol consumption, calculate units and calories and set goals based on your drinking habits.”

The big question though, do people take notice?  A recent study would suggest not, with 93.2% of people saying health warnings have not impacted the ammount of time they spend in the pub.


Gillian Hough, Campaign for Real Ale Member Comments: “As soon as we are born we are going to die. Fact. The English especially have an aversion to death and discussion of it.

“However as we get smarter and more informed daily about what to eat and drink the fact remains alcohol is a posion and while it is rare for people to drink themselves to death, it is easy for anti-alcohol lobbies to hang medical issues around the use of alcohol.

“This is a worrying trend as moderate use of alcohol is a relaxant and is
benficial to the body and generally makes life more bearable for
many.  It used to be, in offices people would go to the pub at
lunchtime in the 80s & 90s, and post work drinks were where promotions
were agreed – now drinking on a “school night” is frownded upon and
individuals capabilities within a team are questioned if they come in
regularly smelling of alcohol.”

In the survey, carried out for, people were asked how they feel about increasing warnings surrounding alcohol, and if they took notice of them. Here are some of their responses:

Copy of How do you feel about the increasing amount of alcohol health warnings_ Do you take notice_ (1)

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