Persistent Rain Fall Brings Floods To Salford

City Centers may not be places you think would be at risk of flooding. But the Manchester Borough of Salford has a long history of it’s streets turning to rivers.

In recent years our emergency services are quick to respond and are on hand to provide relief to flood stricken areas. Salford is no exception, last august flood warnings were issued to lower areas of the river Irwell including Salford and Trafford. This followed day of persistent heavy rain causing chaos across Northern England.


A spokesperson for Manchester fire and Rescue Service said over 300 calls were received from residents unable to leave their homes due to streets being flooded and cars being swept away.

In The December 2015 floods around 1,100 homes were without power with people in Bury and Rochdale being the worst hit. These 2015 floods were the first for Salford since the end of the second world war. This timeline shows the floods through Salford’s history.

Certain areas of Manchester are more at risk than others. The biggest danger surrounds areas around the River Irwell. The map below shows areas affected.


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