CAMRA – Manchester’s Best Drinking Spots for the Real Ale Lover

Navigating your way around busy city centers can be difficult enough, but when the time comes to find a place to sit down and have a decent pint, where do you find the best pub? 

The most important point to remember here is that looks can be deceiving. you will see flocks of people flooding into the newest looking bars in town looking for their tipple but the fact is you are more likely to find the best pint of proper real ale behind the doors of the oldest looking building in town.

When it comes to brewing , experience will always work in your favor. the oldest, listed buildings in Manchester can often be the home to the regions longest serving brewers. A good example of this is the Britons Protection in Deansgate, a grade-II-listed building, yet still serving some of the best beer in town.

The map below guides you around the city center listing some of the best drinking spots in town, all given the thumbs up by CAMRA themselves.


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